While some companies do require the services of larger or specialized CPA firms, it is not always necessary for most companies to incur such high costs for accounting services that can be done efficiently and effectively at much more reasonable rates. At Shimomura & Co., we provide just that. Our entire staff has a broad-based accounting foundation that allows us to assess and meet the needs of our clients whether it is general accounting work such as assurance services, taxes and compliance, bookkeeping reviews or whether it is difficult issues such as international tax matters and the like. We handle all of your accounting and tax requests directly and personably. To the extent you have certain complex matters that require specialists, we will team with our professional affiliates to help you resolve it.

Audit, Review, Compilation

Assurance Services


Interim and Annual Review

Payroll Processing, Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Returns

Corporation Income / Franchise Tax Returns

Tax Advisory Service

Individual Income Tax Returns

Local Tax Returns (Sales Tax, Rent Tax, Personal Property Tax, etc.)